Meet the Doctors

Jason Leonard DC, CFMP

    Dr. Leonard originally comes from the great white north of Canada.  He received his undergrad degree in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario.  From there, he moved across the border and graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 2004.  Dr. Leonard went on to become a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner in 2012.  He and his wife had their own practice in Charlotte before relocating to Western NC in 2017.  Dr. L is an avid “endurance junkie” and CrossFitter.  He has completed several ultramarathons as well as endurance mountain bike events.  His approach to chiropractic revolves around various different soft tissue techniques such as:  Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, myofascial release and PNF stretching.  His chiropractic techniques include diversified, flexion-distraction, Activator and drop table.

Jacqueline Leonard DC

Caitlin Schmitt DC

    Dr. Schmitt recently relocated to Asheville from her hometown of Buffalo, New York. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from The State University at Buffalo, she performed her graduate training at New York Chiropractic College where she received her doctoral degree. Being inspired at the age of six by her mentor and family chiropractic physician, Dr. Schmitt always knew she wanted to be a doctor of chiropractic. Her family as a whole, including grandparents and parents, realized the significance of getting their nervous systems checked through chiropractic care, while maintaining a healthy and holistic lifestyle in order to achieve greater health and vibrance.

    Dr. Schmitt performed her internship at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center located in Bethesda, MD, having garnered the much sought after position in a very selective process. She provided chiropractic care to active duty military men and women while training with other medical specialties in both operative and non-operative neurologic and orthopedic conditions.

    She has engaged in postgraduate training via the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, where she specializes in the Webster Technique. She actively treats pregnant women and pediatric patients, seeing the wonderfully positive impact chiropractic care has on her patients as well as the influential care she received as a child.

    She has also received additional training in FAKTR, Rocktape, and NIMMO; which are techniques used to facilitate and improve athletic performance. She uses therapeutic taping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and various stretching techniques for the crossfitter, yogi, gymnast, body builder, golfer, athlete, and weekend warrior!

    Should you be looking for Dr. Schmitt at times other than her office hours, you can easily find her exploring everything that the Asheville area has to offer which includes hiking the AT, trail running, yoga and Crossfit.


Paul Shirk DC

    Dr. Paul Shirk is originally from Austin, the “Heart of Texas,” where he grew up enjoying
the warm nights and outdoors. Various sports and activities led him to a fencing gym at a
church near home. The fencing coach was a French “Maitre d’arme” or PhD in physical
education, and he continues to inspire Dr. Paul to live a healthy and physical life. Around this
time, Dr. Paul was also encouraged to become a professional bicycle racer, but he chose to
travel the USA and pursue an education in Washington State. In his free time from studying the
fundamentals of health science, he took up bicycle polo and maintenance as hobbies. After
graduation, he continued travelling the USA, moving first to Colorado and then to California,
and helping patients to integrate mental and physical health. 

    In California, Dr. Shirk worked at a job-skills training program with the goal of training developmentally delayed adults for work, then get them jobs in the community. The program also housed a warehouse providing temporary jobs for clients. Dr. Shirk saw how quality of life improved whenever someone found meaningful work, but he also saw the opposite when someone was injured. This perspective was mirrored for him personally though his experience with a new mentor, a female former bodybuilder and fitness influencer who owned adowntown gym. At this point Dr. Shirk started considering that chiropractic care could provide more benefit to more people. The appeal of working with his hands, to improve the wellness of those around him, drew Dr. Shirk to the National University of Health Sciences in Illinois. In addition to chiropractic techniques, he studied anatomy, pathology, x-rays, targeted joint mechanics throughout the body, muscle release and physical therapy.


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